School Of Technical & Vocational Education

Our students are given the education they need to realize their aspirations of entering the automotive industry, learning about current automotive systems, as well as diagnostic and service techniques.

All of this is done with the goal of preparing a new generation of automotive technicians to meet the challenges of an ever-changing industry.

What is TVET?
TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. TVET is an education and training process that has a job orientation with a major emphasis on industry practice. It aims to produce a competent workforce in certain fields. The scope of TVET should be based on recognized occupational standards, with an emphasis on practical components, psychomotor skills and exposure to industry training.

Purpose of TVET introduced?
The purpose of TVET was introduced to meet industry demand and contribute to economic growth, in line with globalization, knowledge-based economy, technological advancement and global workforce mobility. TVET by pursuing an industry-led approach is important to provide the skilled human capital needed by the industry, especially to support the transition of the economic sector towards knowledge-based activities, in line with the aspiration of becoming a developed country in 2020.

What are the privileges obtained when continuing studies in the field of TVET?
TVET program graduates are able to master knowledge and practical skills better than academic program graduates. This advantage has the potential to open up more job opportunities and attract employers to offer jobs to TVET graduates.

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